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My Class Depot™ is a unique invoicing platform for freelance professionals providing individual and/or group instruction

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Fitness Instructors & Personal Trainers

Fitness Instructors
& Personal Trainers

Yoga, Dance & Pilates Teachers

Yoga, Dance
& Pilates Teachers

School & Supply Teachers & Academic Tutors

School & Supply Teachers
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Quick and easy way to manage your business schedule while on the go

Saves you time and hassle as well as reducing your carbon footprint

Automated invoicing to ensure you are paid the right amount

Key features

teaching schedule

View your past, present and future classes at each teaching venue in a convenient electronic format on My Class Depot™ - compatible with Google calendar

renewal reminders

Receive automated reminders from My Class Depot™ as your public liability insurance and first aid certificates come up for renewal

class attendance

My Class Depot™ prompts you to input the number of participants attending the class - you're done in just a couple of clicks

automated invoicing

My Class Depot™ will automatically submit your invoice directly to the teaching venue at the end of the billing cycle, with a copy to you

Plan and pricing

FREE Plus Plan

unlimited invoices for unlimited venues


See FAQs for further information


It’s quick, easy and intuitive.

To set up your My Class Depot™ account, complete your details under My Profile. You may wish to add your bank account details into which the payment of your invoice is to be made so the venue has these details at hand, your public liability insurance and first aid certificate. You will get automated Renewal Reminders as your certificates come closer to the expiry date.

Under Add Venue, enter the details of the place you are teaching at – that’s the address and the contact email address to whom the invoices are to be sent, the billing cycle, your supplier code for that venue, etc. Then put in the details of the classes you will be teaching at this venue under Add Class. You can keep on adding new venues and classes. As you build up your Teaching Schedule you can view your past, present and future classes on your My Class Depot™ account.

If you have a Gmail account then your classes will also appear on your Google Calendar. Remember to connect to Google Calendar under My Profile. You then get a reminder 30 minutes before a class starts.

After you have finished teaching the class, enter the number of participants who attended the class in My Classes – Actions. This is the Class Attendance feature.

At the end of the billing cycle for the venue, your invoice will be automatically generated and emailed to the venue and copied to you. The invoice will show all the classes you taught (provided you completed Confirm Details of Class Taught in My Classes – Actions after teaching the class and before the end of the billing cycle), the number of participants who came and the pay rate. This is the Automated Invoicing feature.

You can also watch the showing My Class Depot™ in action.

So there’s no more need to fill out paper invoices at venues after teaching your class or remembering to send that excel spreadsheet at the end of the billing cycle. And, importantly, you will also now have an electronic record of all your invoices.

You have 2 options for the billing cycle – either weekly (a seven day period) or monthly. The length of the billing cycle is usually determined by the venue. Once you’ve chosen the billing cycle, put in the First day of the billing cycle when filling out the Add Venue details.

Note that the billing cycle will only start from a week before or the first day of the month from when you first opened your My Class Depot™ account for that venue. You cannot put in any classes you may have taught at the venue before this date. So you have to carefully select the First day of the billing cycle.

Monthly billing cycle – This includes calendar monthly or monthly as calculated from say 15th of the month to the 14th of the following month. How does it work?

For example, if you opened your My Class Depot™ account on 7 January and:

(i) the venue’s billing cycle is calendar monthly ie 1 January to 31 January, then you can put ‘First day of billing cycle under My Venue’ as 1 January and add in all your classes since 1 January. But you cannot add any classes you taught in December as the venue’s billing cycle would have closed on 31 December.

(ii) the venue’s billing cycle is 15th of the month to the 14th of the following month, then you have to put the ‘First day of billing cycle under My Venue’ as 15 January and add in all the classes you will teach. Your first automated invoice will be for the classes you teach from 15 January to 14 February. You will not be able to generate an invoice for the period 15 December to 14 January as you only started using My Class Depot™ from 7 January.

Weekly billing cycle – If your venue is on a weekly billing cycle or you cover an odd class now and again at a venue or it’s just a one-off class, then we recommend using the weekly billing cycle. Obviously if you teach more frequently at a venue then please use the venue’s billing cycle.

If you have any billing cycle periods other than weekly or monthly, then please let us know on .

The weekly and the monthly billing cycles will close on the last day of the relevant billing cycles. The Automated Invoicing feature then ensures that the invoice is generated and emailed to the venue and you at 11am on the following day.

Please let your venue know that you are using My Class Depot™ for your invoicing and ask them to put the email address on their safe sender list (so it does not go into their junk folder). The Automated Invoicing emails, copied to you, will go to the venues from this email address.

Yes, you can edit details of the venue.

Yes, you can change the timing and date of future classes but not past classes or the pay rate of the classes already input. If you need to change the pay rate, then delete the wrong class and add in the new class with the correct pay rate.

Under Add Class, you can set the number of weeks that you will be teaching the class. The current maximum number is 104 weeks. Once you have set this, the invoices will be automatically generated for that time period according to your selected billing cycle (ie weekly or monthly), provided of course, you have added the number of participants who attended the class you taught.

Go to My Classes – Actions and into the class. In Confirm Details of Class Taught, save the default option (i.e. without pressing the button for Taught?). In My Classes – Actions you will then see a cross (rather than a tick) alongside that particular class. No entry for this class will be made on your invoice.

Not to worry. Provided this relates to a class in an open billing cycle, go to My Classes - Actions and find the class you need to correct. You then have one more chance to re-enter the right number of participants.

No. But you can add Purchase Order numbers (PO no.) by editing the invoice using the appropriate PDF editor on your smartphone.

An invoice is a payment demand issued by a seller to the buyer of goods or services after the sale, detailing what goods have been provided or work done, and how much must be paid in return.

Traditionally, invoices came in paper form, either handwritten or typed, then sent by post. As technology has evolved, many businesses have used email to speed up delivery of invoices and cut down on paper-mountains. Now, more and more venues are accepting the automated invoices from My Class Depot™.

We are increasing awareness of My Class Depot™ with the venues. However, we may not have reached all the venues you teach at yet. So please feel free to let us know on and we will be happy to get in touch with those venues. And of course do let the venues know about how much easier My Class Depot™ is making your class administration.

As a freelance supplier, you should be able to send your own invoices using My Class Depot™ as long it contains all the information required by them. However, do find out from the venue if there is a particular reason why they are asking you to complete their template. Please feel free to let us know the reason on and we will be happy to get in touch with those venues.

The venue should pay your Invoice within the time period stated in your contract or within 30 days if there is no such time period stipulated. If you don’t receive the payment within the due time, send your contact at the venue a reminder along with a copy of your invoice - you can forward the relevant email that was sent to the venue by My Class Depot™ with your invoice. Usually, this should be sufficient to ensure the invoice is paid by the venue. However, if your venue continues to disregard your reminders and your invoice is not paid on time for no good reason, the Late Payments Legislation enables you to claim interest, compensation and your reasonable costs of collecting the debt. Please contact us on if you would like our assistance with this.

The Plus Plan includes all the features of My Class Depot™ at your fingertips – that is the Teaching Schedule, Renewal Reminders and the essential features of Class Attendance and Automated Invoicing.

It’s free so there’s no cost outlay on your part.

No. There are no long-term contracts or commitment on your part.

Yes, you can log into it from any web enabled smart phone, tablet or PC, be it iOS or Android.

Don’t forget to download the My Class Depot™ icon onto your home screen. And you can access your My Class Depot™ account anytime from anywhere.

Feel free to drop us an email on We’d love to hear from you.


Rita Mangan
"Using the MCD app is so simple. After the quick initial setup, it takes just 30 seconds at the end of each class to confirm attendance. The app then prepares your invoice and emails it directly to your client and you. No more hassle of computers and emails. Yipee!"
Rita Mangan
Founder at
PT, Yoga teacher
Meera Shah
"My Class Depot is a vital business tool for freelancers. I’m working so much smarter now. I love the professional invoices the system automatically sends out, ensuring prompt payment by clients (and of course gives me all I need to chase up late payers!). Thank you to the lovely team at MCD."
Meera Shah
Founder at Three Jewels Wellness
Pilates, Yoga & Meditation teacher
Ben Leach
“Getting smart MCD invoices makes the payment process and financial management on our side easier. Keeps both me and the instructors happy!”
Ben Leach
Owner at Cocoon Health Studios
Gym operator